Purchase a Stand Up paddle Board (Paddleboards) in Austin Texas.

Many people don't realize that the #1 stand up paddle board maker in the world is an Austin, Texas based company. SUP ATX was founded by Nick Matzorkis with the mission of introducing and popularizing the sport of stand up paddle surfing on lakes and rivers across the United States and around the world, moving the booming sport from the coastlines of Hawaii and Malibu to flatwater bodies of water everywhere.

SUP ATX offers a full line of high quality stand up paddle boards (paddleboards) on their website and via retail outlets in the Austin area including RunTex stores and Austin Paddle Sports. SUP ATX offers fully equipped EPS/Epoxy stand up paddle boards, with a carbon fiber paddle delivered anywere in the continental USA for only $785! Here are the Spring 2010 models:


These SUP ATX boards come in 11 and 12 foot lengths and are all equipped with a handle, pad, leash plug, fin and carbon fiber paddle. If purchased outside of Texas and California, no sales tax is added. These are without a doubt the best quality boards at the best prices ever offered. SUP ATX has revolutionized the paddle board industry in Austin and everywhere else in the world with this offer. Paddleboards (paddle board) are available in Austin and ready for delivery! Order online, visit and authorized retailer or call 1-866-4-SUP ATX or 1-512-517-5417.

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